A Caring Church Family:

As you enter, you will notice friendly ushers ready to answer any questions you have. There are also many families and individuals here at FBC just like you.  You may make some of the best friends you will ever have!


A Place for Every Life Stage:

 At FBC we have have a Bible class that will fit your life stage, from toddlers to 55+ classes.


Biblical Teaching and Preaching:

Our foundation in the Christian life is built on the teaching of the Word of God. You will be encouraged in your faith as we use His Word as our sole foundation of faith and practice.


Traditional Style of Worship:

You will find the preaching is Christ centered, as well as applicable to our everyday life. We believe the music we sing (conservative with a positive message) should bring our focus to God, and our style of music strongly reflects that philosophy.


A Safe & Clean Nursery:

For your convenience we have trained, qualified workers serving at every worship time.



Our facilities are new, clean and comfortable. If you have any questions about the facilities during your visit, our ushers will be glad to assist you with helpful information.



If you have any questions about Friendship Baptist Church we would be more than happy to answer them. Please visit our "Contact Us" page.